Monday, January 30, 2006

not much progress since yesterday, i'm not feeling well enough to sit and concentrate on anything right now... didn't get any work done in the waiting room, we got there, signed in, and were in the exam room in 2 minutes... it was weird, i have never been to a doctor's office without waiting. good news though! My mom's leg is healing, so they might not have to do a bone graft and muscle flap! anyways, i'm dying to start working on the Lacy Shells Poncho from luv2crochet. but i want to use the pink yarn that i'm using for the scarf, which means i actually have to finish the scarf before i can start anything else... oh well, i guess i'll have to keep working on the scarf, it shouldn't take me more than a week to finish, depending on how i feel...


At 9:52 PM, Blogger sappmama said...


Saw your blog on SnB LA. Thought I'd visit and tag you for a meme. Here's your chance to share some of that ego with the world! :)

So far so good on the knitting. Lovely crochet, too!

Four jobs in your life [best to worst]
Four movies you could watch over and over
Four TV shows you love to watch
Four places you have lived
Four places you have been on vacation
Four websites you visit daily
Four of your favorite foods
Four places you'd rather be right now
Four bloggers you are tagging


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