Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I'm so lame...

i haven't gotten much work on anything done in these past few days... too much other stuff going on with the dogs, and with school, and everything... but i've had a request to make a doggie sweater for my sister's friend's new dog. she's a doll! but daphne is getting one first, and not even until i finish the doggie blanket, and then my friend's afghan... i need to stop starting projects until i finish the ones i'm currently working on... anyways, i have been looking at other crafty blogs, and i just adore monstercrochet, and then i looked at her website, and found her resume, and realized, she did a show at my school sometime last year! but i wasn't a student there at that point, dammit... if only i hadn't taken that semester off... oh well... so she's one of my crochet idols, someone that i'm absolutely dying to meet. i would love to just sit and crochet with her... seriously, how lame is that... except its actually plausible, considering she lives in the area, and she's a stitch n bitch member... so i would just need to find out which group she goes to, and then i could start going too... i'd meet a lot of really amazing people that way... but anyways, i just thought it was weird because i found her blog while doing a google search for crochet blogs... seriously, its a small world... school was so boring today, i swear, one of these days i'm going to bring my knitting and knit in math class while the teacher is going over the previous homework assignment, and i'm usually falling asleep because its stuff i had no problems with... anyways, this is my knitting and crocheting blog, not my stupid life blog, so i guess i'll end this here, because i have nothing craft related to blog about anymore... i swear... i think it would be cool to start a stitch n bitch group at school, we could all hang out in the student center once a week and it would be fun... there are couches in there and everything! perfect! okay, i promised i'd end this... over and out.


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