Friday, April 28, 2006

skool is stoopid.

sorry, i'm in my art class right now. I'm supposed to be working on my Adobe Illustrator projects, but they are so boring, i can finish them at home over the weekend. my teacher is out, so we have this sub, who isn't nearly as fun. i work better when i'm at home, working without this pressure. so i figured i'd update on my projects.
The cape for my mom is on delay right now, i got sick of it. i started knitting another IHS, this time on size 6 needles, which i will probably frog because my hands don't like those tiny needles. i keep poking my fingers with them, and its starting to hurt. i pulled out my knifty knitter set, and started playing around with those yesterday. so now i'm using the flat loom to make panels for an afghan. i'm using a single strand of worsted weight yarn, so its very loose, but i think it will be a nice summery afghan. i think i'm gonna make the panels 6 feet long, and then i will edge them with a crochet hook, and sew them together using a contrasting color. i haven't figured out if i'm gonna need 3 or 4 panels yet though, but it gives me something to do while i'm sitting in bed watching TV, which is what i do when i'm not on the computer or out doing something.
so, i think i'm going to the renaissance faire this weekend! as long as my friends get back to me with the details... it will be a lot of fun, i haven't been since i was 9... anyways, i'm on my lunch break now, so i could go out and get food or i can stay in and type. at least i don't have to be sneaky anymore... but we still have, like, 2 1/2 hours left of this class after lunch... maybe 2 hours, depending on how slow things go. i think i could just leave, i don't think she's going to teach us anything else today, and since i have the software at home, there is really no reason for me to be sitting here. maybe i should ask. or maybe i should just take off. if i leave now, i could go to my high school and visit for awhile before all of my friends take off.. but that parking lot is a nightmare, so i think i'll just stay here, or go straight home. anyways, this blog doesn't seem to be much about crafting anymore, so i'll stop... oh, i did create a logo for my "company", and am really proud of it. I'll post it later when i get home...


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