Tuesday, March 28, 2006


My mom took me to Joanns today, so we got to buy yarn... we went just a little bit crazy, lol... we bought yarn for the fur trim on my friend's cape... its this gorgeous chocolate brown mink yarn, it looks absolutely yummy with the cape... then we bought lots of yarn to make capelets to sell at reenactments, and some size 3 thread so i can practice making snoods... so i finished the cape, i will take pictures of it on my friend at her birthday party... i'll hate to see it go, but i know its going to a good home... lol... it just looks so good in my closet, i didn't know how proud i could be of something with such an easy pattern, but here i am... maybe i'll make one for myself... my mom wants one first... and she wants me to make a few to sell, as well, she thinks they could go for $90 or so... i think it depends on what yarn i can find on sale... i really need to find a place to store my stash... i think i need to convince my parents to build a castle, with really big rooms... that way i could partition off my room into three sections: bedroom, computer room, and craft room... maybe 4... a sitting room area would be nice so my friends can't mess with all of my stuff... lol, i seriously want a castle...
anyways, i am using lion brand jiffy for the capelets, with the sensations mink for the edging... that stuff looks great, it seriously looks like fur from a distance... i am envious... i don't understand how i can feel envy about a yarn, but i do... i want to be that yarn, or maybe i want to be the cape... who knows... it just looks so good! anyways, the jiffy is great, it feels like mohair, but is actually acrylic... so i still have yet to work with anything besides acrylic (oh, and cotton)... but man, that fiber is versatile... so many different textures out of one fiber! I'm impressed... but i'd love to work with animal fibers, for a change... i can't wait until my mom starts spinning, so we can realy make everything ourselves... i think raw fiber is cheaper than yarn... it just takes more work, but thats all the fun... or if my mom won't spin, i wish she would let me use her wheel so i can spin... she just doesn't want to set it up...
at the reenactment a few weekends ago, we met Nancy... from Sewing with Nancy... but i didn't know that... i mean, she was standing at a table filled with books and videos about sewing with Nancy, but i didn't put two and two together until just now... i did pick up a nifty copy of vogue knitting, from winter 1961, i think... i'll look at it later... so i might dabble into knitting again eventually, but crochet is so much faster and easier for me, its relaxing, while knitting still makes me tense... but i still prefer to look at knitted things than crochet... i think its just the artist inside me, never being satisfied with my own work...


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