Sunday, March 12, 2006


So I bought the yarn for my friend's cloak the other day... Its working up pretty fast, which is good... the body calls for 60 rows of DC, i'm on row 57... but its too short, and walmart doesn't have any more of the yarn i need, i think i have just enough to finish the cloak according to the pattern, but i think it should be longer... the model is tall and skinny, so i was worried that it wouldn't be wide enough, but its turning out great, its just not long enough, i think the particular piece modeled for the book was made longer, because it goes all the way to the floor, the model is tall, wearing heels, and is holding part of it up... so this is rather dissapointing.. this might mean i will have to go search several walmarts looking for the right yarn... not that i care about dye lot... if i were making something nice to sell, i would be more careful about that, but this is for a friend, and she'd better be happy that she's gettign anything at all for her birthday! I'm PMSing, if you can't tell, so that explains the mood... anyways, my mom's friend brought em a book of patterns for crocheted purses, which would be perfect to sell in our suttlery, once we figure out our name and get the paperwork filed... i think we need to come up with our name in the next week or so, so i can go ahead and start on the paperwork... i wonder if i'm going to be considered a full partner, or if i'm just going to be an employee... i hope i'm a full partner, i'll be making most of the small stuff that people will buy, as opposed to expensive dresses that only serious reenactors will buy... which reminds me, i really need to whip up a batch of soap, and try my hand at some candles. soaps and candles are staples for a suttlery... any other knicknacks i can think of would be great, too... maybe some homemade toys... those are great, fun to entertain kids with... but i'm rambling again... anyways, i think i'll have the cloak finished by wednesday, i might need a full day to work, and that won't be until tuesday...


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