Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Meet Duran Duran

this is Duran Duran:

He is a lionhead bunny. He was found in the parking lot of a burger place. Somebody took him in, but couldn't keep him. so i ended up with him, and he's darling. i was really sad when i had to give away my last bunny, due to allergies. you would think that with a long haired bunny, it would be even worse. surprisingly, i'm not allergic to him at all! no watery eyes, no runny nose, nothing! and the best part of it all: if i brush him daily, i can collect all that fur, and spin it! that was the whole idea of getting him. i was originally told that he was an angora rabbit... close enough, he's almost a dwarf angora (jersey wooly). he's gonna come with us to reenactments, even though his breed is one of the newest. we'll just say he's a young angora. his civil war name is Mopsy, my mom named him that. I prefer Duran Duran, after the scientist from Barbarella. I also like the band, but that's not why i named him that... i just think a silly looking bunny needs a strange name. he's such a sweetheart, he's just chilling on my bed right now. only problem is, he has mites, and my vet is out of town... I'm gonna call tomorrow to make him an appointment for whenever she gets back... at least they aren't bugging him (no pun intended)...

i think my next project is going to be the cowboy hat from Happy Hooker, made out of garden twine, at my brother's request... i just need to figure out how much i'll need, and go buy it!


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