Friday, June 09, 2006


alright, in my last post, i mentioned a new bunny. well, she's a girl bunny, named Barbarella. and she's a lionhead rabbit, not a jersey wooly. tomorrow there is a rabbit and cavy show at pomona fairplex, but i don't think i'm gonna be there. i think i'm going to go to the knit in public day thing in covina. of course, i'll be crocheting. i don't have the motivation right now to start a new knitting project, and i've abandoned all of the ones i've started (mostly due to lost knitting needles). I'm almost done making my first snood. my mom bought one skein of yarn she saw at a thrift store, its patons 4 ply wool yarn, its just barely thicker than size 3 crochet thread, and its the perfect color to match my navy dress for civil war reenacting. i just need to do the last row and thread through the elastic, and then i'll be done. and i'm seriously dying to start that cowboy hat made with garden twine. so i might have to weasel some cash from my mom and head to the hardware store tomorrow morning, before going to the park. i have to drive my brother to raging waters tomorrow for a school dance. i'm upset that i didn't get invited this year. when i was a freshman, i took him, and he was in 6th grade. i think he should have invited me this year, considering most of my friends are currently seniors. bah. oh well, i have better things to do tomorrow. i should bring daphne with me tomorrow, except i think she'll bite someone. i swear, that dog is so antisocial, i hate it! she's such a sweetie to me, but my friends come over, and she doesn't stop growling! but she does enjoy going out, so maybe she'll behave herself. we'll see. if she's good tonight, then she can come tomorrow.


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