Monday, June 19, 2006


i haven't been very crafty lately, i've been too busy with other things. i'm frogging the cowboy hat because it was pathetic, and the twine is better used as a bag, which i'm almost finished with. i started working on a black snood to go with my mom's mourning clothes, but i lost the hook i was using, and also happened to lose my entire pouch of hooks. pathetic, huh? yesterday we had a barbecue, sort of a fathers day party, for kids without dads... weird, i know, but it was pretty fun, the food was good, although we didn't even go through half of it! we have lots of hamburgers and grilled chicken breasts, plenty of potato salad and pasta salad, and some melon balls. and we get to do it all over again in 2 weeks for my birthday party. i bought some cute decorations and stuff for my party today, including some really cute plastic margarita glasses, which are going to be adorable with ice smoothie stuff i bought at biglots. i just need to find little umbrellas. i also need to get leis for the guests, and i need to work out the menu. not to mention i still have to invite half of my guests! i have a feeling its going to end up being a small party, and most of the people there will be strangers, so they probably won't be bringing many gifts. i know, i'm selfish. i have ulterior motives for everything. why else would i throw a birthday party, though? sure, its going to be fun, but i'm spending money i don't necessarily have, in order to have a good party, which will be worth spending a little money on a gift for me... anyways, i guess i need to start making phone calls soon to invite people...


At 1:17 AM, Blogger SandraD. said...

Yarnivore here....I am glad that you are throwing yourself a birthday party! I hope you get lots of gifts.
Gifts are them up.

Oh, and yes, link me.

In Yarn We Trust...The Yarnivore.


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