Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Wide Knit in Public Day

today was WWKIP day. i went to the covina group, and although there were only two other people attending (the organizer of that group, and her daughter), we had lots of fun. i sat and crocheted that cowboy style hat out of garden twine. i was having so much fun with it, that i had finished the last row without realizing it, and was searching through the pattern for the rest! it turned out really floppy, doesn't look much like a cowboy hat at the moment, but i think i can fix it. i need to make a hatband for it, and then i can tack the sides up, and try to shape it a little better. garden twine is not very easy to work with, its not very flexible, and its rough against your hands. i knew it would be like that, but i still had to use the next size up hook, because the one the pattern called for just didn't do it. we sat and talked about things we would eventually like to do, funny, both of us really like the idea of moving to maine. she wants to open a bed and breakfast there, i'd like to open a yarn store. we both thought they were great ideas, and would both be lots of fun. i gave her my card, so we are going to try to start up our own knitting group in the area, because there isn't one... she also mentioned a yarn store on arrow highway, called Knitwits. funny, because as i was driving home from dropping my brother off at raging waters, i took arrow home, and found the store. i was in the wrong lane to just turn into the parking lot, and i didn't have any money anyways, but i really wanted to go. so it was ironic that she mentioned that store today. next year for this event, we are going to try to have a better turnout, advertise a lot more, and offer workshops and such, so it will be more worthwhile for people of all skill groups to attend. anyways, i'm having a terrible headache, so i'd better get to bed soon. i'll try to get pictures of that cowboy hat once i have it together a little better. i just need to decide what color i want to use for the hatband...


At 6:04 PM, Anonymous bee said...

hi there! there's a covina group? i live in w. covina and don't know any knitters in the area..great to here there is one here. yes i've been to knitwits and they ocassionally have stitch n bitch group on fridays but haven't attended. anyway...great to hear you had a good KIP day.


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