Monday, June 26, 2006

amigurumi cat- picture

i got my cell phone to connect to the computer, after all. so here is the picture of my amigurumi cat, sitting next to my adorable cat, Runt.

now i've decided to crochet myself a skirt. i tried to make the one in crochet! magazine (may issue, i believe), but the xl size wasn't big enough for me, so i was about halfway done when i realized it wasn't gonna work... the only reason i got that far was because i figured it would stretch. then i realized, if its gonna stretch that much, you will be able to see right through it, so i ripped it out, and started again, making sure to make it just a tiny bit bigger than it needs to be. and of course, if my new weight loss plan works, its going to end up being a big waste of my time. my sister was looking through vogue knitting, the one with the pretty pink skirt on the cover, and saw plenty there that she wanted me to make for her. i told her that if she'll buy me everything the pattern calls for, i'll do it, but i don't knit very fast, so one thing at a time, and it might take awhile...

i'm dying to get out and meet other crafters, and its probably not going to happen for awhile, as i seriously cannot make it out to any of the existing SnB groups, which makes me sad. maybe i'll get out to KnitWitz sometime in the next few weeks, buy some yarn, and ask about local groups...


At 5:16 PM, Blogger ladylinoleum said...

Well, anytime you're up for WeHo SNB, just let me know!


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