Friday, June 23, 2006

Amigurumi Cat

I finally got around to finish my amigurumi cat. I made it out of the wool yarn i spun myself, sort of a souvenir of my first spinning. he's a bit top heavy still, i may have to add legs to help hold him up... i had done the head with ears, and body with tail, but i couldn't find any stuffing for him, i couldn't remember which of my pillows has a hole cut in it... i figured it out today, and got right to finishing my kitty, complete with eyes, nose, mouth, whiskers, arms, and collar! i took a picture on my cell phone, but my computer isn't working right, so i can't transfer it onto here yet, but i'll post the pic as soon as i can. i think i just need to restart...
okay, no luck with that pic yet... its just so gosh darn cute, though, so i'll have to fix my regular camera... apparantly the camera fell on the floor, and now the memory card doesn't stay in place. so i'll have to figure something out, i like pictures...


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