Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Long time, no post...

I've been really busy with school and work lately.. not much time for crafting, not much time for much of anything recreational. I started another snood, this one has beads. its pretty, so far. i'm about halfway done, and i got bored. So i put it down and decided to crochet a witch hat for my halloween costume. its kind of small, it could easily fit a child, but it also works for me, so its all good. Its got a kind of folk look to it, not like those commercial ones with perfect cones, and a brim sticking out at a perfect 90 degree angle... this is a lumpy cone that gets wider at the base. i like it, though, its versatile, i can play with it and it looks cute. I am looking for a pin or something to put on it, something fancy, but not too much, since i'm trying to be a very cute witch this year, with a black strapless cocktail dress, neon green and black striped stockings, and pointy pumps. I'm also working on a (crocheted) witch costume for Felicity (my american girl doll from i don't know how many years ago). I'm done with her hat, and am working on the dress. Its a dark green color, a little different from the traditional black, but with her red hair (that matches mine pretty well), the green looks absolutely stunning! anyways, i still have to finish the sock i have been working on for a while, and start a new pair for my grandma. she might be here for christmas, so i'm hoping to have them done for her then. luckily, 2 of my classes end next week, and i'll hopefully have more time. and my tax class ends towards the end of next month, so thats even more of a relief. And my molly is coming home! I'm going to knit or crochet a little sailors hat for her as a joke... maybe... if i can find a pattern... and some time... oh well, i'll make sure to post some pics of my witch hat, and my doll, and the snood, and the socks, when they are all done... lol.


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