Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dreaming of Knitting

Last night I had this weird dream. I was taking a knitting class in college. I blame it on staying up late last night dying yarn instead of doing reading for my classes today. Anyways, I have my schedule set up so two of my classes are online, and the other two are wednesday only. I am a super procrastinator, so when I actually do my reading, its on wednesday morning. I don't have homework for the two on-campus classes, or this wouldn't work. So back to my dream. I think it was a sign that I can't keep up like this. If I were taking a knitting class, I wouldn't be able to just do the reading the morning of class. In my dream, I cracked open my book to see what the assignment had been, and I was supposed to do a sweater, or at least, start one... it was some complex fair isle thing, scary. and of course, I was supposed to have it with me that day. So I frantically start sorting through my stash, only to realize that I have absolutely nothing that will work, and no needles, it was horrible.
So I really need to start focusing more on school. Seriously. Or maybe the dream was telling me that I should be focusing on knitting. or maybe I should be knitting a sweater.


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