Saturday, March 31, 2007

Has it been that long already?

Wow, I guess it really has been almost 2 months since my last post here... I can't say I've been up to much crafting. I had been taking some of my crocheting to work with me, but I've gotten bored with having my coworkers stopping by and looking over my shoulder every few minutes to dazzle over my creative brilliance. Seriously... If I here one more, "Brittany, you're good" from one of them, I'll go crazy. I know I'm good. Not great, but good.

Projects I've got going on right now... lets see. I've got a one-legged amigurumi horse in progress. The legs got tedious, so I set it down after just one. I've got a knot stitch shawl for my mom, but its just so big, that its taking me forever to get done with it... I'm working on a baby blanket for my sister's husband's mom's neighbor. I could add more degrees of seperation there, but I'm too lazy. Its coming along pretty well, except I boo-booed when I bought the yarn. The pattern called for sport weight, and I wanted to use Caron Simply Soft, which is technically worsted weight, but its a thin worsted. So I didn't think there would be a problem, and bought the correct weight. well, I should have gone by yardage, not weight, because a heavier weight yarn is obviously going to have fewer yards per ounce, requiring more yarn. So I'm short one skein, and I'm banned from Michaels. Not really, but if I go in there for one thing, I feel like a total idiot, and end up buying about $50 worth of yarn and other craft supplies that I probably will never use.
I've been doing a lot of amigurumi, making little gifts for coworkers in my spare time. Its one of those instant gratification things, they turn out cute, but take so little time, and so little materials. counting rounds gets annoying, but stitch markers are even worse, so counting it is...

To copy my crochet idol, Lady Linoleum, I'm posting pictures of my stash and workspace, at least the indoors part of it... Now, before you proceed to look at these pictures, keep in mind that I'm not a very neat or organized person, quite the opposite, actually. things could be worse, and probably are worse, to be honest, but I'm not sharing pictures of my entire room, just the parts I want you to see. So here goes...
This is my china cabinet of wonders. Its not as full as it usually is, because I've been frantically pulling out skeins of yarn to start projects, and haven't been putting them back when I've given up. Yes, there is a punch bowl in there, I think it looks pretty filled with smaller balls of multicolored yarn, and its special, its from RKO studios, way back when, they used it for company parties... To the bottom left (your left, not its left), there is a plastic drawer thing, which holds my knitting needles, and craft books. Next to that is a small bookcase which has very few books, and is piled high with UFOs and other things. its not shown because I hate attaching more pictures.

and here is where half of my projects are done. My bed/futon. Its probably the most uncomfortable thing in the world, but its still functional, so it hasn't been tossed out yet. Its on its last legs, though... literally. I have no clue what is still holding it up, probably the junk I've got shoved under it... Once I get a higher paying job, its being replaced by a sturdier one from IKEA, one thats not going to break after 3 months. The other half of my crafting time is spent right where I am now, sitting at my computer desk. But the world isn't ready to see that yet...


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