Tuesday, January 16, 2007

i'm knitting a sweater!

earlier today i tried to post a pretty long entry, but it didn't go through. anyways, here it is in short. I'm knitting a sweater. its been something i've been meaning to do for awhile, but i still consider myself a total beginner, considering i have never even made a simple scarf, and of course, its a requirement for a new knitter to knit 8 million scarves before they move onto something more complicated. lol. my office has been freezing lately, the AC is running, and we can't turn it off! so i wanted to use my few knitting skills and make a simple raglan cardigan. no sewing required! unless you count sewing on buttons, i guess. the pattern i found (i'm at work and don't have the link) was written with buttonholes optional, which i didn't realize. i was halfway through the row that was supposed to have the first buttonhole, and noticed at the bottom of the instructions for that row was the alternative instructions for the buttonhole row. not wanting to frog out that row (i really should have, thinking back), i decided to forget the buttonholes. so when i'm done, i'm going to crochet a border around the front, making loops in the buttonhole side so i have a way to button it. anyways, i've got over a foot of it knit, go me! its working up pretty fast, and its turning out pretty cute. my mom keeps saying its not going to fit me, because she sees it all scrunched up on circulars, and she secretly wants it for herself. i sort of tried it on today (as much as i could without transfering the stitches to scrap yarn), and it seems like it will fit, which is awesome! i'm so proud of me, i'll be even prouder when i'll be able to actually wear it! hopefully sometime next week, if i work hard this weekend, and try to get at least 2 inches per day during the week... i have no idea how long the sleeves are going to take, though...


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