Thursday, January 11, 2007

New bunny!

Today I got a french angora rabbit! He's a real cutie. He's a bit matted, so tonight he's getting a haircut. once we get him all tangle-free, he'll be ready to grow beautiful angora hair! he's a retired show bunny, and has transferred hands a few times since. he shouldn't be too bad with grooming, though, having been shown, he must have dealt with that all the time! he's got a great coat, not very many guard hairs, which is unusual for french angoras, but a great thing for spinning, because the undercoat is so soft! he's light grey (maybe lilac? i'm still trying to figure it out). His fur will blend nicely with Barbie's, and because he's 2-3 times her size, thats so much more fiber he will produce!


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