Saturday, May 19, 2007

My mom is a yarn enabler. She just feeds my addiction. I've been busy trying to get rid of some of this yarn, finishing up projects, and doing some stash busting stuff. I'm planning on moving to Washington some time in the next year. Its a big move, and I don't want to take all of this brightly colored acrylic yarn. So I've promised myself, no more yarn. I found a super cool website with super cheap yarn,, their selection is limited, but still yummy and super cheap! But no more yarn. No job = no yarn money, especially when I already have so much. So the other day my mom comes home from thrift store shopping, and presents me with one of those giant bags that thrift stores use. The bag is filled with yarn. seriously. I've got about 5 skeins of "fisherman's" color wool. I want to dye it with koolaid. I've got a few skeins of crunchy rug yarn, and a few odds and ends not worth mentioning...
And who came up with the idea of pompons? Seriously... I've got a doodle loom kit, and want to make pompons, but I have nothing to do with them... I need to find a life, lol... Oh well, I'm chatting with my bf on myspace right now, so this post is gonna be short...


At 2:56 PM, Blogger ladylinoleum said... that your mom is a yarn pusher.


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