Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I have not been up to much crafting at all lately. I'm not really sure what I've been doing with my time. It just seems to be passing by faster each day. Oh well. Anyways, its been months since I've been yarn shopping. Seriously. I don't know how I've survived, but I'm afraid that if I step foot into a craft store, I'll fall off the wagon, and spend way too much money. I don't make much money, and whatever I make is usually spent on gas and pet supplies. Too many pets. I need to find a way to make my own money, and fast. Anyways, I'm veering off topic. This morning, I checked my bank account to see if I could afford a quick run to the craft department at Walmart (I need fake flowers for props for work, and a skein or two of yarn can't hurt), when I noticed that my credit limit has been raised. It was originally $3000, and now its $5000. I don't like this. The impulse shopper in me wants to run off and spend money on big crazy things, but the sensible me knows that this is the bank's evil ploy to get me to run up my credit card when I can't afford it, so I can be in debt longer, and they can get more interest from me. I'm not falling for it! I'd cut up my credit card if I didn't think I might need it for an emergency. I wonder if I could just call the bank and have them fix my limit.


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