Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Meet Duran Duran

this is Duran Duran:

He is a lionhead bunny. He was found in the parking lot of a burger place. Somebody took him in, but couldn't keep him. so i ended up with him, and he's darling. i was really sad when i had to give away my last bunny, due to allergies. you would think that with a long haired bunny, it would be even worse. surprisingly, i'm not allergic to him at all! no watery eyes, no runny nose, nothing! and the best part of it all: if i brush him daily, i can collect all that fur, and spin it! that was the whole idea of getting him. i was originally told that he was an angora rabbit... close enough, he's almost a dwarf angora (jersey wooly). he's gonna come with us to reenactments, even though his breed is one of the newest. we'll just say he's a young angora. his civil war name is Mopsy, my mom named him that. I prefer Duran Duran, after the scientist from Barbarella. I also like the band, but that's not why i named him that... i just think a silly looking bunny needs a strange name. he's such a sweetheart, he's just chilling on my bed right now. only problem is, he has mites, and my vet is out of town... I'm gonna call tomorrow to make him an appointment for whenever she gets back... at least they aren't bugging him (no pun intended)...

i think my next project is going to be the cowboy hat from Happy Hooker, made out of garden twine, at my brother's request... i just need to figure out how much i'll need, and go buy it!

Monday, May 22, 2006

broomstick lace and more...

its been awhile since my last post, and i apologize for that... I got a new RAZR cell phone, which takes pretty okay pictures, considering its a cell phone... so i promise to take more pictures of my work...
so i was looking for some crochet patterns yesterday, on crochet pattern central, and came across instructions for broomstick lace... so i was at walmart today, and found size 50 knitting needles, which is what i read is often used for broomstick lace, so i bought them... they were like, 6 dollars, and they are HOT PINK!!! lol... did i mention that i'm slightly obsessed with all things pink? speaking of which, have you seen the new Hummer H3? Its a smaller version of the hummer, so it looks like a Barbie car. so if they ever make a more fuel efficient H3, and if i ever become insanely rick, I'm going to get one, and have it painted hot pink, like a barbie car...

so anyways, back on topic. i was looking for patterns for broomstick lace, and i came across this hat: Lovely in Lace. This woman is now one of my crochet idols... hey, that gives me an idea... i wish i had more readers for this blog... oh well... anyways, i decided to make this hat. the pattern was so nicely written, that it only took me around 2 hours to make, and i didn't ever have to rip anything out... there is one row of broomstick lace towards the bottom, and its just a very cute hat.
My version of it:

(ignore the ugly model... that's just me...)
I think the hat works nicely with this belt I made a few days ago:

do you have any idea how hard it is to take a picture of a belt you are wearing on a camera phone? the belt is a mile-a-minute strip i have been using for a few afghans i'm working on... each time i make it, i think to myself, "this would make an awesome belt". so i finally did it, once i got some plastic bone rings... i made both the belt and the hat out of wool i ripped out from a sweater i bought at a thrift store... i also have a bag i made, but that's just plain and ugly and not worth taking a picture of...

anyways, if by some chance, there is actually somebody reading this, please leave me a comment, and let me link to your blog once i get my links section up... i'd like to have a few readers because i have a really cool idea for a project i'd like to do, and i need participants!

Monday, May 08, 2006


yesterday I learned how to spin on a drop spindle. I'm having way too much fun with it... but sometimes i do great, and other times, i keep breaking the yarn... anyways, i filled up one spindle, and am working on a second, so i can ply them together. i think i'm gonna have another go at the irish hiking scarf once i'm done with it. it should be fun, being able to say that i spun the yarn all by myself. eventually i'm gonna want to clean, card, and dye my own wool, but for now, i'll stick to the ready-made roving. i have to get off to class soon, so i'll post pics later tonight.